Biography - Charles

DOB:  September
COP UK role: Guitar and Backing Vocals

C.O.P. UK - Charles - Guitar and Backing VocalsAt the heart of every song, lies a guitar riff.  At the heart of every guitar riff, lies a guitarist.  In this case, that responsible guitarist is Charles Staton.

Charles joined the band at the very start of 2010 along with Harry Griffiths, replacing the previous guitar player to transform the band into a 5 piece.  Charles had always worked in bands with a second guitar player and had always written his own lead parts to the songs.  This however, was the first time that he got the opportunity to play his own song ideas to the band and luckily for him, they loved them.

Back in the early days of school, Charles didn’t even like music and thought that he never would.  He had always dreamed of being a professional sportsman of some kind.  This all changed when a friend of his introduced him to the band Korn and Slipknot with their self titled albums.  This genuinely interested Charles, not pretending that he liked it because it was cool to like them, but instead actually began to appreciate music and more importantly, metal.

Charles’s older sister had been playing the piano for many years and had achieved grade 5 by this point and so Charles was asked by his mother if he would like to take up an instrument.  He jumped at the chance answering promptly with ‘guitar’.  So just before he turned 14, he took up lessons at school and continued them for 2 years until he had completed his grade 8.  He started them off playing on a classical nylon string guitar that he bought off his friend for £10.  Six months later he got his first electric guitar for Christmas; a 20th anniversary Fender Squire Strat, which he still owns to this day.

Around the time of when he started playing guitar, a friend of his started playing the drums and so they would meet as often as they could to jam together, later enlisting the help of a bass player.  No gigs were ever played during this time.  It was not until a few of years later that Charles would begin playing live and craving each show more than the last.

In Dec 2009, Charles decided that it was time to part with his then current band due to, in his own words, ‘musical differences’.  Two weeks later he received a phone call from Dale Radcliffe who had heard of his departure from his previous 3 year band, asking if he would be interested in auditioning as a guitar player for Crimes of Passion.  Dale and Charles already knew each other from work when Charles had left school at 18 to start an engineering apprenticeship.  Charles was a big fan of the music that Crimes of Passion were producing and so of course, accepted the request.  As you know, he got the position and so the life of Charles had officially begun.


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