Biography - Andrew

DOB: tba
COP UK Role: Guitar and Backing Vocals

Coming from a background with no musical history in the family, Andrew was self motivated, and self taught after being brought up hearing his mothers record collection of Whitesnake, Deep Purple, Rainbow, and Led Zepplin.

It wasn't until the age of 16 when he discovered Aerosmith that prompted Andrew to pick up a guitar a recreate some classic hard rock riffs.

After joining his first band at 18, Andrew has been constantly busy in a number of bands up to present. Some of those bands crossed paths with C.O.P.U.K in an early incarnation.

Agreeing to be a roadie and driver for C.O.P.U.K in 2014 for their Wacken appearance turned out to be a life changing experience and opportunity. As an injury left C.O.P.U.K a guitarist short, Andrews duties were upgraded and since then has continued to be part of the C.O.P.U.K family, adding a little rock n roll swagger to the melodic metal outfit.


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