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DOB: tba
COP UK Role: Keys, Choirs, Vocals

HENNING WANNER got his first classical piano lessons at the age of six, but after listening to his parents´ Kiss vinyls he more and more turned over to rock music.

He founded his first rock band when he became 15 and after working with many bands, cover bands and projects as lead vocalist, songwriter, rhythm guitarist, bass player and keyboard player HENNING “WANNA” WANNER got to the melodic hard rock band JADED HEART as their new keyboarder. That was back in 2001 when JH from Germany already had an international status.

In 2004 HENNING WANNER made a career jump with joining legendary US band WHITE LION. Since then he was touring the world and played nearly all big festivals on the planet. On one of those tours he already got to know the (at that time support) band CRIMES OF PASSION (COP UK) in which he now found a new home: “Since the White Lion days we´ve been best friends, and Kev and the boys always wanted to have me in their band. Finally in 2015 it becomes true: I am the new keyboard player in COP UK and I´m gonna come up with mighty backing vocals and choirs when we play live!”

In addition to this he is a member of the US metal band CIRCLE II CIRCLE since 2011. There he sings from time to time duets with ZAK STEVENS (well-known from SAVATAGE and now TSO/Trans-Siberian Orchestra) while playing the piano. And when singer ZAK takes his seat behind the drums during a live show for a special song HENNING WANNER even becomes the lead vocalist.

With his bands HENNING WANNER recorded more than 20 studio CDs, live CDs and DVDs. He still lives in his home country Germany from where he keeps travelling the world in the name of Rock`n´roll.

His biggest musical influence is Jon Oliva (Savatage) with his special piano-meets-metal style which was created on the album “Gutter Ballet”. Others are Paul Stanley (Kiss), Ted Pulit (Thunderhead) and Jonathan Cain (Journey); but all the time big pop music artists such as Elton John and Depeche Mode had a huge effect on him, too.

Equipment / Endorsements:

Along with his voice HENNING WANNER uses Korg and Roland synthesizers, Yamaha pianos, TC-Helicon effect units, Gibson and Ibanez guitars, Marshall amps, TC-Helicon and Shure microphones. Not to forget Koenig & Meyer stands, first above all the K&M »Spider Pro« keyboard stand. From K&M he received the „Custom Henning Wanner Spider keyboard stand“ which accompanies him on every tour since years. It became for HENNING WANNER an individual part of his unique stage set up and stage performance.


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