Biography - Charles

DOB:  September
COP UK role: Guitar and Backing Vocals

C.O.P. UK - Charles - Guitar and Backing VocalsAt the heart of every song, lies a guitar riff.  At the heart of every guitar riff, lies a guitarist.  In this case, that responsible guitarist is Charles Staton.

Charles joined the band at the very start of 2010 along with Harry Griffiths, replacing the previous guitar player to transform the band into a 5 piece.  Charles had always worked in bands with a second guitar player and had always written his own lead parts to the songs.  This however, was the first time that he got the opportunity to play his own song ideas to the band and luckily for him, they loved them.

Back in the early days of school, Charles didn’t even like music and thought that he never would.  He had always dreamed of being a professional sportsman of some kind.  This all changed when a friend of his introduced him to the band Korn and Slipknot with their self titled albums.  This genuinely interested Charles, not pretending that he liked it because it was cool to like them, but instead actually began to appreciate music and more importantly, metal.

Charles’s older sister had been playing the piano for many years and had achieved grade 5 by this point and so Charles was asked by his mother if he would like to take up an instrument.  He jumped at the chance answering promptly with ‘guitar’.  So just before he turned 14, he took up lessons at school and continued them for 2 years until he had completed his grade 8.  He started them off playing on a classical nylon string guitar that he bought off his friend for £10.  Six months later he got his first electric guitar for Christmas; a 20th anniversary Fender Squire Strat, which he still owns to this day.

Around the time of when he started playing guitar, a friend of his started playing the drums and so they would meet as often as they could to jam together, later enlisting the help of a bass player.  No gigs were ever played during this time.  It was not until a few of years later that Charles would begin playing live and craving each show more than the last.

In Dec 2009, Charles decided that it was time to part with his then current band due to, in his own words, ‘musical differences’.  Two weeks later he received a phone call from Dale Radcliffe who had heard of his departure from his previous 3 year band, asking if he would be interested in auditioning as a guitar player for Crimes of Passion.  Dale and Charles already knew each other from work when Charles had left school at 18 to start an engineering apprenticeship.  Charles was a big fan of the music that Crimes of Passion were producing and so of course, accepted the request.  As you know, he got the position and so the life of Charles had officially begun.

Biography - Andrew

DOB: tba
COP UK Role: Guitar and Backing Vocals

Coming from a background with no musical history in the family, Andrew was self motivated, and self taught after being brought up hearing his mothers record collection of Whitesnake, Deep Purple, Rainbow, and Led Zepplin.

It wasn't until the age of 16 when he discovered Aerosmith that prompted Andrew to pick up a guitar a recreate some classic hard rock riffs.

After joining his first band at 18, Andrew has been constantly busy in a number of bands up to present. Some of those bands crossed paths with C.O.P.U.K in an early incarnation.

Agreeing to be a roadie and driver for C.O.P.U.K in 2014 for their Wacken appearance turned out to be a life changing experience and opportunity. As an injury left C.O.P.U.K a guitarist short, Andrews duties were upgraded and since then has continued to be part of the C.O.P.U.K family, adding a little rock n roll swagger to the melodic metal outfit.

Biography - Kev

DOB:   May
COP UK Role:  Drums, Bartender, Party Organiser

C.O.P. UK - Charles - Guitar and Backing VocalsThe singer gets all the chicks, the guitar player pulls all the funny faces and makes the rock star  moves, the bass player eerrr………, forget the bass player!  – The engine room in any band and the host of the party is the drummer. The drummer builds his house of drums and shiny cymbals, cracks open a beer, and controls the show from start to finish. This is no exception with Kev Tonge in Cop UK!

Kev’s musical journey started at the ripe old age of 10! From an early age Kev knew he wanted to play drums after being brought up on a healthy diet of Queen and being mesmerised by the skills of Roger Taylor behind the kit. Armed with his musical weapon of choice, Kev walked into his school bands rehearsal one Tuesday evening with the intent to destroy everyone before him with his playing skills. He sat on his stool, took a deep, counted to 4 and unleashed his first ever salvo - on the ‘Trumpet’!  At this time, the school didn’t offer drum lessons of any sort so the trumpet seemed the next loudest instrument!

As Kev progressed to High School, his second day involved his first detention for missing morning registration to enrol for drum lessons. Kev quickly learnt the basic rudiment’s of drumming from a teacher who was Gene Pitney’s touring drummer and also a regular with the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra. However, it quickly became very obvious that Kev would not be taking the hot seat in any of the above as his love for rock music started to take control of his playing style. Kev quickly swapped his brushes for a second bass drum.

Fast forward to 2004. The venue is The Classic Rock bar in Sheffield. The band Deadline Kev is playing with have just sound checked, and he has just grabbed a beer to watch the support band. The band was terrible but Kev was ‘Blown away’ by the singer. That singer was Dale Radcliffe. 6 months later and Dale had joined Deadline, but it soon became apparent that a change in direction was needed towards a more heavier style. 2005 saw the birth of Crimes of Passion.

From 2005, Kev and Dale have steered the band to where it is today. In Kev’s eyes, 2010 was the turning point with the arrival of Charles Staton and Harry Griffiths. This was the first time C.O.P had ever experimented with 2 guitar players. This has proven to be the winning formula.

COP UK has found their unique style which sets them apart from many other bands. At the centre of this is Kev Tonge. There will only ever be 2 places to find Kev at a COP UK gig. The place where Kev comes alive, feels at one with himself and everyone else in the venue, and where he gets the chance to show off his incredible talent and skill, that only place can be sat – ‘AT THE BAR!’ (The second place is the inconvenience of having to sit behind his drum kit!!!)

Go say hi to Kev at a show – we dare you - we dare you to try!!!!!!!!!!!!

Biography - Errrr....Scott

Scott Jordan
C.O.P. UK - Charles - Guitar and Backing Vocals
DOB: errr....??? 
COP UK Role:  errr...Bass
Shoe Size:  errr...between 10 and 12

Originally from Sheffield, I spent some of my youth in the south of England where I became friends with several kids from the RAF cadet band.  I also had the same music teacher as George Michael so that is where my love of the band WHAM! comes from!

My older brother was into bands like Whitesnake,Def Leppard and Heart( who all released albums at that time) and I was also influenced by various types of other music at home. One year my parents worked for the Austrian consul to England who lived in a mansion in a massive forest, so all I had to do for that year was listen to Whitesnake,Bon Jovi,Slade and two Cher albums(Brain washing that has stuck with me to this day). On returning to Sheffield all the friends I made were into metal, as Metallica and Megadeth had both just released albums. So, a band was formed and we needed a bass player so I got the job. My parents got me my first bass for my seventeenth birthday and I started lessons with a jazz man that taught me music theory. It then became a case of practice,practice,practice. My first band was a nirvana type band (as they were big at that time). Following that I joined every band I could. Ive played every thing from Celine Dion in club bands, through to RnB and I once had to learn Tina Turners entire back catalogue :-(. Something im proud of is the time me and a group of musicians were on national tv playing a song for "Children in need".

I have now been in the same local pub band for ten years so I dont have to learn all those songs anymore, and I can concentrate on what I want to do i.e. being in a original band. Im the new boy in C.O.P and my broad love of music seems to fit in even if my choice of footwear doesn't :-)  

Biography - Wanna

DOB: tba
COP UK Role: Keys, Choirs, Vocals

HENNING WANNER got his first classical piano lessons at the age of six, but after listening to his parents´ Kiss vinyls he more and more turned over to rock music.

He founded his first rock band when he became 15 and after working with many bands, cover bands and projects as lead vocalist, songwriter, rhythm guitarist, bass player and keyboard player HENNING “WANNA” WANNER got to the melodic hard rock band JADED HEART as their new keyboarder. That was back in 2001 when JH from Germany already had an international status.

In 2004 HENNING WANNER made a career jump with joining legendary US band WHITE LION. Since then he was touring the world and played nearly all big festivals on the planet. On one of those tours he already got to know the (at that time support) band CRIMES OF PASSION (COP UK) in which he now found a new home: “Since the White Lion days we´ve been best friends, and Kev and the boys always wanted to have me in their band. Finally in 2015 it becomes true: I am the new keyboard player in COP UK and I´m gonna come up with mighty backing vocals and choirs when we play live!”

In addition to this he is a member of the US metal band CIRCLE II CIRCLE since 2011. There he sings from time to time duets with ZAK STEVENS (well-known from SAVATAGE and now TSO/Trans-Siberian Orchestra) while playing the piano. And when singer ZAK takes his seat behind the drums during a live show for a special song HENNING WANNER even becomes the lead vocalist.

With his bands HENNING WANNER recorded more than 20 studio CDs, live CDs and DVDs. He still lives in his home country Germany from where he keeps travelling the world in the name of Rock`n´roll.

His biggest musical influence is Jon Oliva (Savatage) with his special piano-meets-metal style which was created on the album “Gutter Ballet”. Others are Paul Stanley (Kiss), Ted Pulit (Thunderhead) and Jonathan Cain (Journey); but all the time big pop music artists such as Elton John and Depeche Mode had a huge effect on him, too.

Equipment / Endorsements:

Along with his voice HENNING WANNER uses Korg and Roland synthesizers, Yamaha pianos, TC-Helicon effect units, Gibson and Ibanez guitars, Marshall amps, TC-Helicon and Shure microphones. Not to forget Koenig & Meyer stands, first above all the K&M »Spider Pro« keyboard stand. From K&M he received the „Custom Henning Wanner Spider keyboard stand“ which accompanies him on every tour since years. It became for HENNING WANNER an individual part of his unique stage set up and stage performance.

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