Biography - Dale

DOB: September
COP UK role: Vocals

C.O.P. UK - Charles - Guitar and Backing VocalsHi, I’m Dale, frontman of C.O.P. UK

I was created, engineered and still securely stored in Sheffield, England.

I have always lived and breathed rock music.

My vocal influences have always been the likes of Ronnie James Dio, Joe Lynn Turner, Paul Rodgers, Steve Perry, Jimi Jamison and so on.

For me, C.O.P UK is a collaboration of my classic vocal influences, mixed with my passion for the heavier side of rock. My job as melody and lyric writer is made easy by our guitarist Charles, who comes up with the awesome riffs.

Every year in this band, it gets more exiting, and one by one, childhood dreams and ambitions are coming true.

My favourite Part of C.O.P. UK is the touring and playing live.

It’s you people out there that make this worthwhile.

We come, we play and then we have a beer with you!!!!
Love it!!!!!

See you on the road, in a town near you



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