Biography - Errrr....Scott

Scott Jordan
C.O.P. UK - Charles - Guitar and Backing Vocals
DOB: errr....??? 
COP UK Role:  errr...Bass
Shoe Size:  errr...between 10 and 12

Originally from Sheffield, I spent some of my youth in the south of England where I became friends with several kids from the RAF cadet band.  I also had the same music teacher as George Michael so that is where my love of the band WHAM! comes from!

My older brother was into bands like Whitesnake,Def Leppard and Heart( who all released albums at that time) and I was also influenced by various types of other music at home. One year my parents worked for the Austrian consul to England who lived in a mansion in a massive forest, so all I had to do for that year was listen to Whitesnake,Bon Jovi,Slade and two Cher albums(Brain washing that has stuck with me to this day). On returning to Sheffield all the friends I made were into metal, as Metallica and Megadeth had both just released albums. So, a band was formed and we needed a bass player so I got the job. My parents got me my first bass for my seventeenth birthday and I started lessons with a jazz man that taught me music theory. It then became a case of practice,practice,practice. My first band was a nirvana type band (as they were big at that time). Following that I joined every band I could. Ive played every thing from Celine Dion in club bands, through to RnB and I once had to learn Tina Turners entire back catalogue :-(. Something im proud of is the time me and a group of musicians were on national tv playing a song for "Children in need".

I have now been in the same local pub band for ten years so I dont have to learn all those songs anymore, and I can concentrate on what I want to do i.e. being in a original band. Im the new boy in C.O.P and my broad love of music seems to fit in even if my choice of footwear doesn't :-)  


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