Biography - Kev

DOB:   May
COP UK Role:  Drums, Bartender, Party Organiser

C.O.P. UK - Charles - Guitar and Backing VocalsThe singer gets all the chicks, the guitar player pulls all the funny faces and makes the rock star  moves, the bass player eerrr………, forget the bass player!  – The engine room in any band and the host of the party is the drummer. The drummer builds his house of drums and shiny cymbals, cracks open a beer, and controls the show from start to finish. This is no exception with Kev Tonge in Cop UK!

Kev’s musical journey started at the ripe old age of 10! From an early age Kev knew he wanted to play drums after being brought up on a healthy diet of Queen and being mesmerised by the skills of Roger Taylor behind the kit. Armed with his musical weapon of choice, Kev walked into his school bands rehearsal one Tuesday evening with the intent to destroy everyone before him with his playing skills. He sat on his stool, took a deep, counted to 4 and unleashed his first ever salvo - on the ‘Trumpet’!  At this time, the school didn’t offer drum lessons of any sort so the trumpet seemed the next loudest instrument!

As Kev progressed to High School, his second day involved his first detention for missing morning registration to enrol for drum lessons. Kev quickly learnt the basic rudiment’s of drumming from a teacher who was Gene Pitney’s touring drummer and also a regular with the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra. However, it quickly became very obvious that Kev would not be taking the hot seat in any of the above as his love for rock music started to take control of his playing style. Kev quickly swapped his brushes for a second bass drum.

Fast forward to 2004. The venue is The Classic Rock bar in Sheffield. The band Deadline Kev is playing with have just sound checked, and he has just grabbed a beer to watch the support band. The band was terrible but Kev was ‘Blown away’ by the singer. That singer was Dale Radcliffe. 6 months later and Dale had joined Deadline, but it soon became apparent that a change in direction was needed towards a more heavier style. 2005 saw the birth of Crimes of Passion.

From 2005, Kev and Dale have steered the band to where it is today. In Kev’s eyes, 2010 was the turning point with the arrival of Charles Staton and Harry Griffiths. This was the first time C.O.P had ever experimented with 2 guitar players. This has proven to be the winning formula.

COP UK has found their unique style which sets them apart from many other bands. At the centre of this is Kev Tonge. There will only ever be 2 places to find Kev at a COP UK gig. The place where Kev comes alive, feels at one with himself and everyone else in the venue, and where he gets the chance to show off his incredible talent and skill, that only place can be sat – ‘AT THE BAR!’ (The second place is the inconvenience of having to sit behind his drum kit!!!)

Go say hi to Kev at a show – we dare you - we dare you to try!!!!!!!!!!!!


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